At Velan, we know what it takes to design and manufacture industry-leading valves that stand the test of time. Since 1950 we have offered products and services that not only meet but consistently exceed customer expectations. Velan’s number one priority is quality. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to always create engineered design solutions that bring performance to new levels. 

Torqseal® triple offset valve 2.0

A range of tough applications

Offering a bi-directional zero leakage closure with a metal-to-metal seat, the Torqseal® triple offset valve is the right solution when a tight seal is required.


Industry-leading emission control

With global emissions challenges facing the industry, Torqseal® triple offset valves are designed with the highest attention to controlling fugitive emissions, meeting API 641/ ISO FE standards.

Lower life cycle costs

The Torqseal® triple offset valve’s compact, quarter-turn design saves space and weight, minimizing installation and maintenance costs, while the lightweight design requires less pipe bracing. Lower torque for this valve translates into smaller actuators.



Reduced maintenance and downtime

The Torqseal® triple offset valve’s cavity-free body and sealing mechanism prevents solids from building-up and interfering with the seal, resulting in low maintenance, consistent torques, and longer valve life. Friction-free closing and opening also extend valve life. 




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